Promises, promises, promises

God makes promises to me. All his promises to me are about joining to me. It is about relationship but more. His promises are about love. Love for me specifically. When I accept those promises that is love fulfilled. What promises do I make to God. I think of the sacraments in some denominations. First communion, baptism, confirmation, weddings, these are all solemn promises to God, a joining of our love to his. So love is an action and a commitment. A ceremony that symbolizes a commitment. Some of us meant in our hearts those ceremonies, those commitments. My prayer is that we understand our agreement with God’s love for us, and our promise to love him and others. Their should be a ceremony when you come to understand your acceptance of God’s love, and make a commitment to put on that love and live it in this world. The vine promise, I could call it the vine promise.

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