Dialogue with God

This is a blog about getting to know Jesus. He is not who I thought he was and not even who I think he is now. He is more. He is beauty, truth and that all illusive concept of love in a reality I am trying to learn about and make part of my consciousness. Over six years ago my pastor challenged me to spend an hour a day, every day with God.  He declared it would change my life. I was attending Erie First in Erie, PA at the time.  I tried it and still spend hours of time with God in the mornings when I can.  About five years ago I came across the book; Dialogue with God by Mark and Patti Virkler.  One of the books that changed my time with God in the morning.  I can now discover God’s impressions to me, that I record in my journal.  The most consistent message God has impressed upon me over the years is, to find myself in him.  Lately he has been saying to see Him; see me.  Also lately my current pastor has been talking about using our imagination to gain possession of our god given selves and be transformed from the inherited self we gained from just being alive in this world.  Our pastor Greg Boyd, Woodland Hills Church, St. Paul, MN gave us homework to visualize daily or several times daily who I am in Christ, to bring Jesus into our most disliked characteristics and situations.  By transforming the way I think I can see myself as I really am and let the world fall away. I challenge others to ask God this question and then without sensoring yourself or thinking too much record the impressions you receive. Do you love me, ask Him.


About CLB

Seeking. This is my attempt to articulate my life. Love the profile picture, in my soul that is where I am, no matter the circumstances that swirl around me. In fact, I say "bring it on", anything with which I can identify with the life of my Christ. Looking forward to the Camino de Santiago this year.
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